Why Wear Compression Socks for Running?

Running is one of the easiest exercises to build endurance and get outside! Not only does it require minimal equipment, but running can also be a great way to explore your city or town.

Running has incredible benefits for your body and mind, but like with most forms of exercise, it can result in sore legs, stiff joints and mild swelling or edema. In order to help your body recover so you’re ready for that next run, be sure to wear Compression Socks! 

Not sure how Compression Socks can help your performance or recovery? Keep reading to find out!


Compression Socks have so many benefits, but runners especially can benefit from wearing them both during a run and after for recovery. Here are a few reasons why:


A 2016 study found that 65% of people who run experience at least one injury per year. It also found that half of the people who experience injuries from running suffer from chronic conditions, and that the majority of these injuries, despite chronic conditions, could have been avoided. For example, common ankle injuries and foot injuries are often a result of incorrect form, such as runners landing and putting their weight on their heels. This is known as heel strikers.

Injury prevention is important for optimizing your overall performance, as getting injured can set you back weeks of progress. In addition to proper technique, wearing Compression Socks can help prevent injuries.

Dr. Segal’s Compression Socks have a padded foot-bed, a wide-top comfort band and a range of compression levels to meet everyone’s needs. This all contributes to protecting the joints, ligaments and tendons used when running. Compression Socks can also help manage the vibration impact that your legs experience when your feet repeatedly hit the ground, and provide ankle support for those with weak ankles.


Compression Socks work by creating a pressure gradient on your lower legs to increase the circulation of blood in the body. Good blood circulation allows for more oxygen to reach working muscles and tissues which leads to a faster recovery. Click here to learn more about the science behind Compression Socks

The increase of blood flow and oxygen directed to working muscles helps decrease the buildup of lactic acid, which in turn decreases how much muscle soreness you experience post-workout, or a few days later from delayed onset muscle soreness, also known as DOMS.

The process of building muscle is quite interesting. Building muscle tissue actually involves slight tearing in the muscle. As your body rebuilds these small muscle tears it becomes stronger and denser. This process can be sped up by improving blood circulation, and the improved circulation promoted by wearing Compression Socks can help aid your body’s natural muscle building process.

If you experience a sprained ankle, or a slight tweak, Dr. Segal’s Compression Socks can also help provide ankle support to ensure the injury doesn’t worsen.


All runners know the familiar feeling of shaking legs, achy calves and unstable ankles experienced during long-distance runs.

With an increase of blood flow to working muscles you’ll be able to run that extra mile (or two) when you wear Dr. Segal’s Compression Socks. They can also provide an extra layer of warmth that supports injury prevention and reduces painful swelling in your feet and ankles that can occur from the pressure that running can put on your feet.

If you make a habit of using Compression Socks while you run, you’ll notice a significant decrease in pain in your legs and feet and will be able to stay on track with your running goals, as you won’t need to worry about injuring yourself!

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