The Ultimate Guide to Compression Socks

Are you unfamiliar with the benefits that Compression Socks have to offer? Or maybe you just don't know whether they can benefit you? Keep reading to learn all about the benefits of Compression Socks and the science behind this amazing accessory!


To best understand what compression socks are, it’s important to first understand how circulation impacts your legs.

Your heart works to pump blood constantly through your arteries and vessels to reach all the areas in your body. These arteries and vessels act like a hose that carries blood that is highly pressurized throughout your body, providing your cells with oxygen and other necessities. 

Your veins, however, are not pressurized. This means that they have to work a lot harder to move blood and fluid from your limbs back to your heart because they’re working against gravity. Typically the muscles in your legs assist with this circulation, but they’re not always as effective. This can lead to fluid and blood from pooling in your legs and feet, resulting in swelling, achiness and a feeling of heaviness in your lower limbs.

Compression Socks work to stimulate circulation in your legs and feet by helping push fluids and blood out of your legs and back up to the heart. They create a gradient of pressure by having a snug fit around the ankle, with the tightness gradually reducing towards the top of the sock which lands just below the knee. This pressure gradient helps prevent swelling and fatigue after a long day of work and activity, and creates better venous pressure.

Dr. Segal’s sock technology incorporates special design and technological features to ensure that the compression socks provide you with the ultimate support, comfort and performance. 


Compression Socks bring countless benefits, including:

  1. Increasing blood flow - Studies have shown that the blood flow in our legs can decrease up to 50% after just an hour of immobility. This results in increased pressure in the veins of the lower legs as blood fights against gravity when returning to the heart. Compression Socks help increase blood flow and circulation in your legs and feet to keep you comfortable all day long. 
  2. Combating swelling - For those on their feet for long hours of the day, it’s common to experience swelling in the legs and feet, also known as Edema. Compression Socks combat this swelling and the achiness that often comes with it.
  3. Preventing injury - Athletes who wear Compression Socks have noted that they’re able to focus more on their athletic performance because they feel less swelling and leg pain associated with ligament, tendon injury and muscle tears. Compression Socks also provide excellent ankle support.
  4. Preventing blood clots - Blood clots can happen to anyone at any time, but they are especially common when travelling. Studies have found that up to 99% of those who developed a travel-related blood clot (also known as Deep Vein Thrombosis) had one or more pre-existing risk factors and didn’t even know it. Wearing Compression Socks while traveling effectively reduces your risk of developing blood clots and increases your comfort by reducing swelling and leg pain.
  5. Increasing leg and foot comfort during pregnancy - The joy of pregnancy often brings along things such as higher risk of blood clots, extreme swelling and varicose veins. Compression Socks not only reduce the risk of blood clots and combat swelling in the legs and feet during pregnancy, but they also reduce the chance of developing spider veins due to the increase in circulation.


Dr. Segal’s are the best Compression Socks in the market. Designed by a physician with over 25 years of experience treating patients with vein issues, Dr. Segal’s incorporates special design and technological features to ensure that their Compression Socks provide you with the ultimate support, comfort and performance!

Every pair of Dr. Segal’s Compression Socks have:

  • A wide-top comfort band to keep the socks from pinching, chafing or rolling down to ensure consistent compression throughout the day
  • An antimicrobial and silver-ion wash to provide effective odor and stain protection
  • Terry cushioning foot beds to add durability in the high-wear toe and heel areas while giving your feet extra cushioning
  • Cotton blend materials to give the socks natural breathability and an ultra soft feeling
  • Flat-felled seam construction to ensure ultimate comfort, right to the tip of your toes.

Dr. Segal’s socks also come in two levels of compression:

  1. Mild Compression (15-20mmHg) - Dr. Segal’s mild compression socks are perfect for travelers, people during pregnancy or those who sit or stand for long periods of time. This level of compression provides fast relief to anyone experiencing tired or achy legs, or anyone experiencing mild swelling in the legs and feet. They’re easy to put on, stylish and effective, all while keeping your legs looking and feeling great.
  2. Moderate Compression (20-30mmHg) - Dr. Segal’s moderate compression socks are for those who need a little more compression to deal with moderate swelling, chronic venous insufficiency, post sclerotherapy treatment or the management of healed venous ulcers. Dr. Segal’s moderate compression socks provide effective support needed to promote leg and foot health.

Dr. Segal’s has an easy-to-follow sizing guide to ensure you’re getting the best fit depending on your compression needs.

Sizing guide for Everyday Compression Socks (mild compression - 15-20mmHg):

Sizing guide for Medical Compression Socks (moderate compression - 20-30mmHg):