Meet a Healthcare Hero: Alexis

Meet Alexis! She is an incredibly hardworking student Nurse from Las Vegas, Nevada, and she's one of our Healthcare Heroes!

We wanted to know more about Alexis, so we asked her to share some things about herself. Keep scrolling to learn all about her!

Question: What do you like about your profession?

Answer: "I love being able to help my patients and seeing them smile, even if just for a little bit."

Question: Tell us something about yourself!

Answer: "Some things that are interesting about me are that I love to dance and be a plant and cat mom. I also love doing DIYs!"

Question: How do you relax after a long day at work?

Answer: "After a long day of work I like to cuddle with my husband and cats while binging car shows."

Question: What do you love about Dr. Segal's Compression Socks?

Answer: "I love the fact that my feet don't hurt by the end of the day, and the fact that they come in cute colors is just the icing on top!"


To learn more about Alexis, follow her on Instagram @casinurse.


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