Island Comfort
With its beaches, luau’s, and mai tai’s, Hawaii is a wonderful place to take that long-
overdue vacation. However, a long flight is needed to reach this island paradise, no
matter where in the world you are coming from. There is no problem with spending
your whole vacation on the beach, as many vacationers do, but Hawaii will reward
the adventurous with its fantastic drives and hikes. Maui has the infamous road to
Hana as well as great hikes like the bamboo forest, which is conveniently located
along the Hana Highway. The long flight, combined with scenic drives and exciting
hikes, make Dr. Segal’s Compression Socks a must-pack for your next trip to Hawaii.
No matter where you are coming from, Hawaii is a long flight. It is about a six-hour
flight to Maui from west coast cities like Vancouver and Los Angles. The flight is
closer to thirteen hours if you are flying from an eastern city like New York or
Toronto. Dr. Segal’s Compression Socks are a necessity on flights of this length. Dr.
Segal’s help reduce leg swelling and curb the formation of blood clots. Even the
healthiest of individuals become susceptible to blood clots when forced to sit for an
extended period of time in a cramped space.
As long as the journey is, it is absolutely worth it when you finally reach the islands.
Getting off an airplane in Hawaii is one of the world’s most amazing sensations. The
air immediately begins affecting your skin with its natural moisture. Then the smell
of the tropics – a mix of flowers, coconuts, and warmth – enters your nose and acts
like aromatherapy for your tired mind.
Spend a few days on the beach, of course. But, if you are looking for an adventure,
Hawaii certainly has its choices. The three-hour road to Hana is a famous drive in
Maui, for it is breathtakingly beautiful and unbelievably crooked. The road to Hana
is filled with hairpin turns, one-lane bridges, and looping curves that can nauseate
even the strongest of stomachs. That is why it is important to take your time on the
road to Hana. Stop along the way, take in the beauty, and get lots of fresh air. The
road to Hana requires many hours in the car, and Dr. Segal’s Compression Socks can
prevent leg soreness that may arise from so many hours spent with decreased
As stated, the road to Hana is three hours long, and that means there is another
three hours of driving to get back to your hotel, if you are staying on the western
side of the island. You do not need to take the road to Hana back, you can continue
along the backside of the island. This alternate route is also a beautiful drive, but
instead of being crooked it is hilly. Up and down all the way, for just about the full
three hours.
If you want to get out and stretch your legs during the road to Hana, take a hike
through the Bamboo Forest (Na’ili’ili-haele). It is along the road to Hana and is an
easy to moderate hike through towering bamboo trees. It leads to a large, awe-
inspiring waterfall. Another good reason to wear your Dr. Segal’s Compression
Socks for the road to Hana is to do this hike. The compression socks will help
prevent leg fatigue as you walk through the bamboo forest.
The long flight, combined with the road to Hana and the Bamboo Forest, make Dr.
Segal’s Compression Socks a must-pack for your next Hawaiian adventure.