This picture might be a slight exaggeration of how big your feet swell up during pregnancy but… its not exactly an exaggeration of how your feet feel when you are pregnant, which you can view here.

Every girl knows that pregnancy will bring on painful legs and swollen feet and ankles, but not enough of us women know that you can prevent it or how to prevent it.

There has been a lot of growing buzz about compression socks for pregnancy and how they are a must wear to save your inevitable swollen feet!

So, to dig a little deeper into this topic, I am interviewing Dr. Segal’s Compression Socks co-owner Haylie Segal who is 32 weeks pregnant herself.

The Interview with Haylie Segal:

How do you feel about the changes to your body during pregnancy? 

It’s a strange feeling to watch your body change and stretch during pregnancy.  I am amazed at how adaptable the human body is. I also wonder what it will look like afterwards. Will I ever be the same?

What have been the most obvious changes to your body (other than your belly)?

The most obvious changes to my body other than my belly size would have to be how I get short of breath so quickly now.  Being healthy and active, I never would have expected that to happen.  I also find that I get tired much quicker than usual, and need to sleep longer than I did before pregnancy.

What is the most uncomfortable part of being pregnant?

I would say the most uncomfortable part about being pregnant for me is my growing stomach. The extra weight and stomach size makes it difficult to do normal tasks such as tying my shoe laces and moving around as quickly and as easily as I did previously.  

Have you noticed any swelling in your feet and ankles?

NO! Absolutely NONE!  I have been wearing my Dr. Segal’s Compression Socks EVERY day, ALL DAY. I put them on first thing in the morning before work, and then wear them to the gym after work. None of my friends who have been pregnant before me wore compression socks and they complained daily about the painful swelling in their feet and ankles. I didn’t want to suffer like they did with cankles and sausage toes. Pregnancy is uncomfortable enough without the added pain of swollen, painful ankles and legs. That is why I wear my compression socks from first thing in the morning until I go to bed at night to prevent any swelling.

What is your daily routine/must haves to make it through the day during pregnancy?

My daily routine while I have been pregnant is to take care of and listen to my body.  I have been diligent about  wearing my Dr. Segal’s Compression Socks everyday to reduce or eliminate ALL swelling in my feet and ankles.  I have also tried to work out 4-5 times per week, eat a healthy well balanced diet and get enough sleep.

When did you start wearing compression socks and why?

I started wearing compression socks in my early 20’s when there was nothing fashionable about wearing compression socks and most people thought they were just for old people. Friends would call them my granny socks.   I have a family history of vein disease and my job requires me to sit for long periods of time at my computer. After a long day at work my legs often felt tired, achy and sore.  When I wore compression socks my legs felt light and energized.  I also learned the benefits of wearing compression socks at an early age for the prevention of varicose and spider veins and blood clots.  I didn’t want those ugly veins that my grandmother had. 

Why do you think most young pregnant mom’s didn’t routinely wear compression socks before?

As I mentioned before, they were UGLY.  Beige or black. Those were the choices. Not very appealing. And, most women don’t understand the risks involved with having swollen feet and ankles during pregnancy. I recommend that every women should read our Pregnancy Conditions section.

Dr. Segal's Giraffe Pink/Brown Compression Socks 20-30 mmHg

How has this changed?

FASHION, STYLE  and COLOUR! Compression socks are no longer ugly or at least not the one’s I wear. They are now so stylish no one looks at them and thinks ‘granny socks’. That’s what I like about the Dr. Segal’s brand. I get to wear great looking socks and my legs feel great all day. 

What does your doctor think about compression socks for pregnancy?

She thinks it’s an excellent idea. After being pregnant herself she understands the ‘medical’ benefits as well as the ‘comfort’ befits. Early in my pregnancy, we discussed how the risk of how getting a blood clot increases 10x during pregnancy because of the increased levels of Estrogen.  She also explained how it can continue up to 6 weeks post-partum! Who knew??? She also suggested wearing them to alleviate uncomfortable swelling and to help decrease the chances of developing painful and UGLY varicose veins.  

What is your work routine like? Do you sit or stand at work?

I work in an office so I am sitting for most of the day at my desk.  Periodically during the year, I also attend trade shows which result in VERY long days of standing on concrete floors.  If I do not wear my compression socks my legs get very heavy and tired by the end of the day.

How do you relax at night time?

To relax at night, I enjoy going to the gym, playing with the dogs and watching TV with my husband.

What else would you like to tell me about your experiences or thoughts about being pregnant? 

It’s an amazing time in my life. I am so glad that I have taken the time to learn about healthy lifestyle choices during pregnancy including proper nutrition, exercise options, what to expect while being pregnant and of course wearing my compression socks! I feel great and look forward to the final 8 weeks of pregnancy. 

Would you recommend compression socks to your friends?

Absolutely!  Most of my friends are either pregnant or on birth control and they should be wearing them everyday. Compression  socks are a must for them to incorporate into their everyday health and wellness routine.  The ones who wear them regularly love them. The others usually come around when they get swollen feet and their toes start to look like little sausages and their ankles start to look like cankles! The comfort and pain relief that compression socks bring during pregnancy is PRICELESS! 

If you would like to purchase a pair you can do so on the Dr. Segal’s website or on Amazon.