How Diabetic Socks Work
How diabetic socks work

Do you know how diabetic socks work? Most people don't, but they are a life-saving piece of clothing. In this blog post, we will discuss the science behind diabetic socks and how they can help improve your health!

Why Do Diabetics Need To Wear Special Socks?

Diabetics need to wear special diabetic socks for a few reasons. When you have diabetes, your body does not produce enough insulin to regulate your blood sugar levels. This can cause damage to your blood vessels and nerves over time. This damage can lead to poor circulation, which diabetic socks can help with.

Edema is another common complication of diabetes. Edema is the medical term for swelling. When you have diabetes, your body's ability to regulate fluid levels is impaired. This can cause excess fluid to build up in your tissues and cause them to swell. Poor circulation can also contribute to edema by preventing the proper drainage of fluid from your tissues.

How Diabetic Socks Work

How diabetic socks work

The science behind them is relatively simple. When you wear the socks, they apply pressure to your veins and arteries. The compression helps improve blood flow through your body. Since diabetes leads to complications of having poor circulation in the feet, it's critical to avoid constricting the blood vessels there. To prevent constriction, diabetic socks also include seamless toes and a loose-fitting top band.

Diabetic socks promote warmth without constriction. The socks feature a special material that holds heat without being too tight. This material is often a blend of wool and acrylic or cotton and spandex. The socks are usually made with padding in the footbed.   

Additionally, the toe area is often reinforced to protect against wear and tear. Finally, diabetic socks protect the foot from harm by providing ample cushioning. People with diabetes frequently lack sensation in their feet, so they are unaware if they damage a foot by rubbing it against a shoe or walking on a sharp object. 

What are the Benefits of Diabetic Socks?

Wearing diabetic socks can offer several important health benefits. Properly fitting diabetic socks can help to improve blood circulation by keeping the feet warm and snug. This can help reduce the risk of complications associated with diabetes, such as nerve damage and foot ulcers. 

Additionally, diabetic socks can provide increased comfort for those who suffer from sensitive feet. And for those who are constantly on their feet, wearing diabetic socks can help to improve overall health by relieving fatigue and reducing stress on the feet and ankles.    

The Best Diabetic Socks For You

How diabetic socks work

Dr. Segal's diabetic socks are designed to provide comfortable, effective foot care for people with diabetes (and even for non-diabetics!). These socks are stretchy and breathable, made from a special blend of cotton and spandex. They also feature a non-binding top that won't constrict circulation.

Dr. Segal's diabetic socks are available in various sizes and colors, and they can be machine-washed and dried for easy care. If you're looking for a sock that will help keep your feet healthy and comfortable, Dr. Segal's diabetic socks are excellent.


Diabetic socks are a great way to improve your circulation and overall health. If you have diabetes, these socks may help you reduce the risk of complications. Give them a try today and see how diabetic socks work for you!