How Can Compression Socks Help Maintain Your Sports Routine?

Most people associate Compression Socks with medical and venous conditions. However, they offer incredible benefits to athletes of all levels with regards to performance, injury prevention and recovery.


To best understand how athletic Compression Socks work, it’s important to first understand how circulation impacts your legs.

Your heart works to pump blood constantly through your arteries and vessels to reach all the areas in your body. These arteries and vessels act like a hose that carries blood that is highly pressurized throughout your body, providing your cells with oxygen and other necessities. 

Your veins, however, are not pressurized. This means that they have to work a lot harder to move blood and fluid from your limbs back to your heart because they’re working against gravity. Typically the muscles in your legs assist with this circulation, but they’re not always as effective. This can lead to fluid and blood from pooling in your legs and feet, resulting in swelling, achiness and a feeling of heaviness in your lower limbs.

Compression socks work to stimulate circulation in your legs and feet by helping push fluids and blood out of your legs and back up to the heart. They create a gradient of pressure by having a snug fit around the ankle, with the tightness gradually reducing towards the top of the sock which lands just below the knee. This pressure gradient helps prevent swelling and fatigue after a long day of work and activity, and creates better venous pressure.

Dr. Segal’s sock technology incorporates special design and technological features to ensure that the compression socks provide you with the ultimate support, comfort and performance. 


Two of the best benefits athletic Compression Socks can offer are increased blood circulation and injury prevention, which athletes at any level can benefit from. While athletic performance can be impacted by so many variables, Compression Socks can address more than a handful of issues:

  • Compression Socks increase circulation and improve blood flow while exercising. Whether you’re hiking in the back country on a Sunday morning, or you’re preparing for a championship soccer match, athletic Compression Socks will improve your blood flow so you can keep up with your competitors.
  • Compression Socks increase oxygen to your working muscles and tissues to help you push your athletic performance to the best it can be without hurting yourself. 
  • Compression Socks combat lactic acid buildup which is responsible for that heavy, fatigued feeling in your legs and feet, as well as cramping. By preventing the buildup of lactic acid you can focus on the task at hand, whether that’s training for a marathon, hitting the gym to lift weights, or running after your toddler.
  • Compression Socks reduce swelling and pain in the lower legs which is associated with pulled muscles and muscle tears.

Athletic Compression Socks also support a faster recovery, as the high-tech fibres provide support for your feet, ankles, achilles tendon, calves and legs. The graduated compression helps improve circulation in your legs and muscles, resulting in a faster recovery and reduced muscle fatigue.

Athletes report faster recovery times and decreased muscle soreness during play.