Cozy Compression

By Meagan Faye of

Have you guys heard the buzz on Compression Socks? They are said to help energize your legs, reduce swelling, prevent blood clots.. and look good! Well the last part isn’t really a part of the science behind them, but might as well throw that in there.

I occasionally suffer from swelling after running and soccer. I’m not sure of the cause of it, most likely a circulatory issue… but compression socks have been a life saver when it comes to counteracting this. I personally prefer the one’s from Dr. Segal’s for two reasons.

1.) They are a local Vancouver brand that is blowing up (you can see them on Dragon’s Den soon!)

2.) They have an awesome variety, perfect for whatever style you may have.

Also, if you are worried about looking fashionable, opt for plain colours and wear them as your high-knee socks.. no one will be able to tell the difference and when someone asks you what keeps your legs looking so great, you can tell them your secret and watch their mouths drop!

Happy Socking!

PS – Don’t mind the dark circles under my eyes… #iwokeuplikethis

xx Meagan

Dr. Segal's Stylish Compression Socks