Compression Sock Benefits for Runners

Running! One of the most popular forms of exercise. It’s a great way to burn calories and build endurance. Like most forms of exercise, you usually feel tired and sore afterwards. Running can leave you with sore legs, stiff joints and swelling. Whatever the case is, your body needs to recover! Some people are able to bounce back relatively fast, but for others, it can take a while. One thing that many runners and marathoners have been using in the past decade to help with their running and recovery are compression socks. Compression socks are socks that provide better blood flow by applying pressure around your ankle and being looser as the sock goes up your leg. This increase of circulation has all kinds of benefits for you, but we will focus on the benefits for runners.

Wearing Compression Socks While Running Benefits

1. Faster Recovery

After a good run you’re going to be exhausted. If you’re someone who competes in races or marathons, this is even more so. So how can compression socks make you go from feeling like your legs are about to fall off, to ready for another run?

As mentioned before, compression socks increase circulation which allows more oxygen to flow to working muscles and tissues. This in turn allows for faster recovery in your legs. This increase in blood flow also helps to decrease your lactic acid buildup. Therefore, wearing compression socks during and after your run is highly recommended for a better and faster recovery.

Secondly, certain compression socks may also come with features to assist recovery. For example, Dr. Segal’s Compression Socks are made from a high tech fiber and made with special seam construction and a high durability foot bed. These features ensure comfort as well as greater support for your legs.

Dr. Segal's Space Dyed Cotton Grey/White Compression Socks

2. Pain Relief

Anyone who’s ran has felt like their legs are on fire, or that their ankles are going to snap off. Compression socks help relieve stiff achy legs. With an increased blood flow, and the extra warmth provided by the socks, you’ll be feeling less sore in no time. Compression socks also reduce painful swelling in your feet and ankles that can occur from the pressure running puts on your feet.

A problem that many runners face is Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). As the name suggests, DOMS is the soreness you feel the days following your run. If you’re not used to running, it can take much longer to be relieved from DOMS. Compression socks can help reduce the effects of DOMS, as well as make it go away quicker.

Compression Socks have been adopted by by professional athletes, such as Olympic gold and silver medalist marathon runner from South Africa, Shaun Meiklejohn. He says that compression socks have helped him with his recovery process as far as pain is concerned. Another example is Serena Williams who has been known to use compression ware during her tennis matches. So if your still hesitant to pick up a pair, maybe this will convince you. 

3. Injury Prevention

In 2016, a study done on runners showed that up to 65% of people who run get injured at least once a year. Following that, half of the individuals who are injured, suffer from chronic conditions even though a majority of these injuries could have been avoided. For example, feet and ankle injuries are common due to runners landing on their heels while running, also known as heel strikers.

One way you can help prevent these sort of injuries, besides proper running technique, is with compression socks. With the combination of faster recovery and greater pain relief, chances of injury are decreased.

Dr. Segal's Compression Socks have a padded foot bed, a wide-top comfort band, and a range of mmHg compression levels which contributes to the protection of  joints, ligaments and tendons. On top of that, they can deal with the effects of vibration on the body when the runner’s feet hit the ground repeatedly.

Dr. Segal's Space Dyed Cotton Grey/White Compression Socks

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